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We ecourage you to take photographs of your vehicle before and after shipping your car to ensure your satisfaction. Just take a look at the sample photographs of the vehicle below. Just record the view of your car to ensure that your delivery meets your expectations.

Auto ready for transport
Auto ready for transport

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How to Prepare your Vehicle for Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions - shown below !!


1. Enter your info on this website and receive a free quote for transporting your car?


Yes, this web portal is for everyone who needs an auto transport estimate.  “Automobile transporters” come in all shapes and sizes. Busy travelers can just say transport my vehicle and our dispatcher will find you the best car transport prices. If you are working professionals, active duty military, or you are just moving and need an auto transport rate, then feel free to call us and we will provide the best auto transport to transport your car. If you are a snowbird that flies south for the winter and prefer to have your vehicle transported then you will receive a free vehicle moving rate. Also, if you are military personnel who must quickly report to a duty station and wish to have your vehicle transported, then we offer the best auto transport estimate. If this request is for your vacationing family and you would rather have a “car shipper” to transport your vehicle, then we can offer you a low price vehicle moving quote. You should know that not all transport vehicle companies are the same. Yes, we offer vehicle shipping quotes because we want to get you the best auto transport service possible.

People who buy automobiles at auctions often need to transport vehicles. You may seek many auto transport quotes and need to contact a few vehicle delivery companies to receive multiple vehicle transportation quotes. We suggest that you submit your information on this website at any time to find the lowest cost for transporting a vehicle. Yes, you can rely on us to provide a detailed vehicle transportation quote to meet your needs.

Again, if you are a car dealer, you may have looked at vehicle shipping reviews to transport new and used vehicles. At American auto transport we offer competitive car shipping quotes for private car hauling or you can simply ask for a best auto transport quote or car hauling rate. Everyone is invited to list their vehicle for transporters services including car haulers who need help in providing services.   Please, take a couple of minutes and register your automobile, hybrid car, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck to request the services of a transporter. We prefer that you enter your information on this website to get your car shipping quote. Also, you may call our representative during regular hours to get a free quote on a car transporter for hire. Yes we offer quotes all types of vehicle transports.

This information service web portal was originally designed to help a small and independent automobile transporter to find new customers across the eastern United States. Calling a vehicle transport is similar to the asking a travel agent for services, and we specialize in finding you the best vehicle moving quotes for moving trailers and boats as well. Transport your vehicle today with us and fly the friendly skies to make your life a little easier.  

2. The American Auto Transport Web Portal (i.e. and is it different than other automobile or other vehicle shipping companies? Why is our auto transport quote different?


The American Auto Transport Web Portal is here to provide you the traveling public information services for selecting an automobile transporter. Also, you should know that a vehicle shipping quote is the same as a car shipping quote. By using the American Auto Transport website, you will be able to request the quote of more than one private car hauling company to transport your vehicle. The vehicle dispatcher at American Auto Transport is able to review your individual needs and requirements to get you great car transport prices. Each automobile transporter will be able to determine if you are within their unique transportation area, and provide you with a unique price quote to transport your vehicle, motorcycle, SUV, truck or vehicle within the requested dates. Just say transport my vehicle today and let the auto haulers do the work. The American auto transport dispatcher wants to transport all types of vehicles including antique cars. Again if we cannot offer you the best auto transport price our dispatcher will let you know. Yes, we will provide you the best car shipping quotes possible.

You should review and analyze multiple auto flatbed car transporters if you need a flatbed transporter car service. Just enter your information on this American auto transport website, and you will get the cost benefit of both small independent and large corporate transporters who are waiting in your area to transport a vehicle. These transporters could provide you a service at a lower cost because the transporter is now able to find several clients in a combined area. This web site allows you a quick way to contact vehicle shipping companies to find several ready and able clients in one pickup location and we pass on the cost benefits to you. Again, just say “transport my vehicle”. 

American Auto Transport believes that it is best to provide the detail of your specific location only when you have provided a deposit “vehicle shipping” services you select.  American Auto Transport (i.e. reserves the right to change any and all aspects of this website without the prior consent or knowledge if its members or clients. Yes, we a “car shipper” or a “vehicle shipping” company and we are licensed by the Federal Government to transport your vehicle.

3. How long will it take for a member of the American Auto Transport information portal to transport your vehicle?


Normal transportation can vary from 1 to 10 days, depending upon the actual route, and assuming that you arrange to contact us at least a week prior to your shipping date. American Auto transporters generally appreciate a two-business day window to schedule the pick-up/delivery of your automobile, motorcycle, sport utility vehicle and truck(s). As your vehicle pick-up date gets closer - you should confirm by calling your specific American Auto Transporter to verify the schedule of your particular vehicle transport. It may take a transporter 6 to 8 days to go from NYC to LA. If your vehicle is the last automobile to be loaded and the first car to be unloaded, a shorter delivery time frame is possible. In many cases your car, vehicle or SUV is the first vehicle to be loaded and the last car to come off the transporter, and then the transport of vehicles time could be closer to 10 days. Be sure to tell our representative your special needs for getting your vehicle delivered when and where you need it. If you need a flatbed truck or an enclosed carrier, you can transport your vehicle with our great customer service. We work with many vehicle shipping companies to provide best prices in auto hauling.


4. What kind of truck will be used to transport your automobile, car, sports utility vehicle or truck?


For long transportation destination, your American automobile will be transported on an 8 or 10 car hauler, the same type of trucks used to deliver new cars to American automobile dealerships. The larger American automobile carriers  are very hard to maneuver and most of the vehicle transporters are restricted to main roads that do not have any overhanging trees or low clearance overpass/bridges. However, for shorter transportation destinations, your automobile, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck could be placed on flat bed car hauler. Please be sure to let your individual car transporter know if you have overhanging trees near your home or pick-up area.  Most large automobile carriers are open. However, some transporters have closed carriers. If you need an enclosed carrier for a valuable antique vehicle or a rare sports car, then be sure to describe your needs with the American Auto Transport representative to discuss your vehicle transports issues. We always listen to your needs and ship your car in the safest and most convenient manner possible. 

5. What does door-to-door automobile, sport utility vehicle or truck delivery mean?


The car carrier will get as close as physically possible to your delivery area as long as it does not impair the safety of the transporter or the delivery of  your automobile, motorcycle, sport utility vehicle or truck. If you live on a main road with no overhanging trees or low bridges and the streets leading to your house can accommodate trucks of that size and length, then your vehicle could be delivered close to your home.  The driver of the automobile hauler should contact you by cell phone has he/she approaches your pick-up/delivery area. You should let the driver know the accessibility of the pick-up and delivery location. If accessibility is limited, you should describe a convenient location such as a local supermarket parking lot or mall with ample space to load/unload your automobile, motorcycle, hybrid car, sport utility vehicle (SUV) or truck.


6. Will my automobile, hybrid car, motorcyle, sports utility vehicle (SUV), or truck go to a vehicle transportation terminal or waiting area or auto transportation parking lot?


Perhaps, this may depend on your pick-up (and delivery) locations or your scheduled date for the pick-up (and delivery).  You should request the Automobile Transporter to describe the type of service that will be provided. Because you have registered your vehicle with American Auto Transport Web Portal, you will have a choice in making the decision. By describing your specific needs in the "Special Requirements" area of the registration page - you can tell Automobile Transporters your preferences for service.

When your automobile, sport utility vehicle, hybrid car, or truck is picked-up -  the carrier will examine and inspect in detail the physical exterior of the car, and describe any pre-existing damages on a bill of lading, which you must sign and acknowledge. This same inspection should  be presented to you  upon delivery, and you should re-inspect the car for any discrepancies. If any damage did occur during transit, please be sure to note this information on the bill of lading at the time of delivery and the driver of hauler should sign the agreement.  An insurance company must have a note to the bill of lading describing the damages, including a description of the time of delivery and acknowledged  that an inspection of the vehicle revealed damages. Please do not argue with the driver, but request information about the Transportation companie's insurance policy and take pictures of the vehicle if you believe extensive damage as occurred.


7. Will the Automobile Transporters and car haulers  perform their work with courtesy and pay careful attention in the transportation of my automobile, hyrbrid car, sport utility vehicle (SUV) or truck? Do I need special insurance?


Most Automobile Transporters are very carefull with the delivery of automobiles, hybrid vehicles, sport utility vehicles and trucks. Why?  Because they want your repeated business. You should not need special insurance. We ask all transporters who register with this web site to carry the appropriate insurance that is required under federal and state laws.

Again, another reason to use the American Auto Transport Web Portal. You have a greater selection of Automobile Transporters to choose from. However, the staff at cannot take action on your part, nor can we take action on part of the Transportation company.  This web site is strictly an advertising and promotion web portal.


8. Can you put personal items in the trunk of my automobile or in the trunk of my SUVor in the trunk of my sports car?


This is a big No.  Automobile Transporters are not permitted by law to transport personal belongings, as they do not have a license to transport household goods or any other types of personal goods. An Automobile Transporter can be fined a large sum per occurrence of violating American law. Furthermore, insurance policies will not cover any items left in the vehicle. Finally, most automobile transporters should reject any automobile, car, truck, sports utility vehicle that contain any items left inside the trunk or passenger cabin. Again, do NOT place personal items inside the cabin. Please do not leave any items inside the trunk of your automobile, car, sports utility vehicle or any other compartments within your vehicle.


9. How much notice is needed before you can have my automobile, hybrid car, sport utility vehicle or truck delivered?


Most Automobile Transporter would like to have 7 to 14 days of notice of for your preferred transports dates. However, because this web site is continuously updated with new information, many transporters  review this web site frequently, it is  possible to request the delivery of a  vehicle with just a 24 hour notice.

10. What forms of payment are accepted by automobile transportation companies?    


Most transporters will require a deposit in excess of $200.00. However, depending on your particular transportation needs, the deposit could be lower or much higher than the suggested amount. Final payment will be made with certified funds (i.e. cashier check or certified check) upon delivery of the vehicle.


11. What should you do if your automobile, motorcycle, hybrid car, sport utility vehicle or truck is delivered with damage?


You should not deduct money from the delivery driver if your vehicle arrives damaged. However, you should request the driver to provide you with the auto carrier's insurance information and the amount of coverage the company carries for damages that occurred in transit. All claims should be handled by an independent insurance company once the auto transporter has received the signed bill of lading noting the damages and the information forward to the insurance company.


12. Do you need to supply your automobiles Tag and or registration to the driver of the automobile hauler?


No, this is not required in most cases, unless you are dropping off your automobile and need to drive it as soon as  your automobile, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck is delivered.


13. Will the transporter drive my your automobile, hybrid car, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck for purposes other than loading my vehicle onto the transportation truck?


No, the driver should only drive the vehicle for loading and unloading your automobile, hybrid car, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck.  No miles should be added to your automobile, hybrid car, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck.

14. How should you prepare your automobile, hybrid car, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck for shipping?


Your automobile, hybrid car, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck should be in good running condition.  Transporter often recommend that a quarter tank of gasoline remain inside the your automobile, motorcycle, sports utility vehicle, or truck. If you require the transportation of a hybrid vehicle, you may leave less than a quarter tank of gasoline, however, please be sure to leave a set of the appropriate keys with the driver.


15. Your computer at home is not functioning properly and you would like technical support? Your home or business computer has been compromised and you need support?


We do not provide technical support for clients or members who have difficulty with their home or business computer systems.  We will never ask you for your social security number, we will never ask you for your credit card information on this web site. We only request credit car information from automobile transporters who wish to become members to the subscription service. We do not store credit card information on this website. Our staff members at should not contact you about issues outside the transportation of your vehicle. If you determine that your computer system at home or work as been compromised, you should contact a private commercial service or you may can contact the federal government through several publicly available website to obtain additional information.


16. Can client report issues with using this website.


Yes, please be sure to let our representative know how we can improve your experience in using this website or getting your vehicle shipped across the good old USA.


17. Will American Auto Transport modify this web page in the near future.



The big deal about getting a great price on transporting your automobile is to read about the experience of our recent customers.

"I put my information on American Auto Transport website for the first time. I was contact by a friendly voice. They provided me with a discount on shipping my car. With the discount, I was able to get my car shipped for a lot less that the price of the other car shipping companies that I called..This was a god experience

John Dixie,
Sandwich, MA

"Yes, I got a fair price for getting my Toyota shipped to Florida. Because I got a job transfer from East LA, I need to get my Honda civic shipped quickly. The car appeared in the parking lot of my new apartment two day after I arrived. Thanks for getting my car shipped quickly."

Peter Smith,
Boca Raton, FL

"I often go to antique car shows and my old car transporter company changed hands. I did not want to use my old car transporting company because they dented my car during the last shipment. I was looking for any low cost transporter when I came across American Auto Transport. The car got to the auto show on time. The price was very reasonable.. thanks for a job well done..."


Springfield, VA

"I got great customer service. I put the info on the form and received an email from an auto transporter in just a few minutes. Because I shopped around I got a better price . I had left a suitcase in the trunk of the car, so the transporter had me remove it, but that was no problem.  I was happy with the service and the low price."

Mr. Jones
Atlanta, GA

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